What version of Resin and Java are you using?  We had extremely bad
lockups with 3.0.12 Pro and Sun's 1.4.2_08.  We upgraded to Resin Pro
3.0.19 and the 1.5.0_08 JRE and we have gone from locking up 2-3 times a
day to only once every few weeks.  We still have not been able to find
the cause of the lockup and cannot even get a thread dump or attach a
debugger when it does lockup.

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I'm getting this deadlock on my resin servers.

does anyone know if I disable logging completely in resin will that stop
this happening or will all I do is just stop the outputting to the file

My servers are crashing daily (at least) so its getting to be a major 
earbashing issue for me now.

Found one Java-level deadlock:
waiting to lock monitor 0x0975151c (object 0x834aff58, a
which is held by "resin-tcp-connection-*:80-570"
waiting to lock monitor 0x094d1a8c (object 0x833d7c48, a
which is held by "resin-2140"

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