On Oct 12, 2006, at 6:37 PM, tllcll wrote:

> Hi, I have installed apache/tomcat and import the war file. I have  
> tried to run using localhost:8081, it is working... My server have  
> another web server runnning on port 8080 with address eg..  
> www.abc111.com. (this will go to the index page of that web app)  
> What do I need to set to make it able to display/run the webpage  
> from address eg... www.abc.com111.com/aaa?

You're making a terrible mistake.

Go to http://www.caucho.com/download and download the latest version  
of Resin (3.0.21).  (Or if you're brave, download Resin-3_1-snap.zip.)

You'll either want to run Resin with its own internal web server, or  
if you want a two-tier server, use Resin as the web server and  
another instance of Resin as the app server.  (The two tier Resin  
system will be easier to configure in Resin 3.1.0).

-- Scott

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