>A thread dump is a snap shot of the JVM at a particular moment in time.
> I find it useful to take consective thread dumps about 5 seconds apart.
> That gives a moving picture of the JVM.  You may want to vary the number
> of dumps or the time apart.
> The thing to look for is how long are the threads waiting for a lock.
> Lots of time I found things to be transient.  (ie the first dump showing
> many
> threads waiting for lock(s) but in the dump 5 seconds later they are
> done).
> You can use the thread id to following what is happening to a thread over
> multiple thread dumps.

Thanks for the reply Bill. I've done what you suggested and now have thread
dumps spanning a minute. There are many threads still sat in the waiting for
monitor stage, any advice on where I go next to try and figure out what the
deadlock is ?

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