Up until 2.4, filters were only applied to the original request and
"sub-requests" handled by RequestDispatcher were not treated. But that was
changed in version 2.4 and those web.xml attributes were added specifically
for that purpose. That's why I upgraded to Resin 3.0 :)

If I understood correctly the specificacion, the filters should take into
account the new URL, I cannot understand why it would be otherwise. I'll
check the spec again tomorrow to verify that, but I think so.


> i'm not expert, but as far as I know, an include is not an http request.
The filter is 
> only activate for the requested url.
> So this depends on where is the main page where you put the <jsp:include.
If this page is something like /ca/agenda/main.html the filter should be
activated, and then it might be a
> problem. If the page is something like /index.hml it is normal that the
filter is not 
> activated.
> Now I had some problems with filters, on pages directly (not included),
and I'm not sure 
> this is a reliable process, or maybe there is something I did not
understand also.

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