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We have successfully configure 2 resin servers (server a and server b in separate machines, does not have an internet ip) running with apache (exposed to the internet) load balancing module. Everything works fine.


Here is a snippet of the cluster configuration in resin.conf:



      <srun id="a" host="" port="6802" index="1" read-timeout="120s"/>

      <srun id="b" host="" port="6802" index="2" read-timeout="120s"/>



We start the servers using this command:


In machine a:

/www/resin/bin/ –server a –conf /www/resin/conf/resin.conf start


In machine b:

/www/resin/bin/ –server b –conf /www/resin/conf/resin.conf start


Here comes my problem:


I need to view the proxool’s admin servlet using a domain name (eg. Due to the reason that we are using apache’s load balancing, I am unable to determine which server that will be serving my servlet. Therefore, i need a way that I can go directly to a machine and view the proxool’s admin servlet of that web server.


My question:


How can I configure the cluster to listen to 6802(for apache to use) and 8080(for me to use) at the same time when I run the startup command so that I can go to


Please advice.


Warm Regards,

Jacky Wong

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