> We have successfully configure 2 resin servers (server a and server b in
> separate machines, does not have an internet ip) running with apache
> (exposed to the internet) load balancing module. Everything works fine.
> Here is a snippet of the cluster configuration in resin.conf:
>     <cluster>
>       <client-live-time>120s</client-live-time>
>       <srun id="a" host="" port="6802" index="1" > 
> read-timeout="120s"/>
>       <srun id="b" host="" port="6802" index="2" > 
> read-timeout="120s"/>
>     </cluster>
> How can I configure the cluster to listen to 6802(for apache to use) and
> 8080(for me to use) at the same time when I run the startup command so that
> I can go to http://www.something.com:8080/proxooladmin?

You can add http listeners like this:


     <http server-id="a" host="*" port="8080"/>
     <http server-id="b" host="*" port="8080"/>

Then you will have both an srun listener (on port 6802) and an http
listener (on port 8080) on each machine.

Also, do not set the client-live-time and read-timeout unless it is
specifically in response to monitoring and troubleshooting done for
your environment.  Those are tricky values and the defaults should be
fine in most circumstances.

> so that I can go to http://www.something.com:8080/proxooladmin?

If www.something.com resolves to your Apache machine, then using it
will not go directly to the backend Resin server (because it resolves to
the Apache machine).

You can use a fake jsessionid to choose which backend server you want
to go to.  Resin uses the first character of the sessionid to identify
the backend server to use, starting with `a' as the first backend
server.  If wwww.example.com is your Apache instance, then you can use:


for the first server and


for the second server

-- Sam

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