Title: Resin XML parsers inside tomcat

I'm researching whether the Resin XML and XSLT parsers will give our project a performance gain over Xerces and Xalan.

I added overrides in META-INF/services for DOM, SAX, and XSLT pointing at the resin classes.  That all works fine.

When I include the resin jar in my webapp deployment in Tomcat 5.5, it requires jsdk-24.jar.  When I include that in my deployment, Tomcat can't find it's own naming context: org.apache.naming.java.javaURLContextFactory

It seems that the resin jar and tomcat don’t want to play nice together because of the forced dependencies in the resin jar.  All I want is the parser classes, I don’t want a new app server.  Is there an easy solution here?

Brad Warren
Phoenix Development Center (PDC)
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