In my webapp, I want all ssl requests to go to the https port, not the
http port.  Right now, if I follow a link to a secure page, the
web.xml security constraint makes the request https, but it keeps the
port as http (8080).  I then get an error " The URL contains escaped
bytes unsupported by the UTF-8 encoding."  If I manually change the
https port in the url to 8443 the request goes through.  Is there a
way to do this with resin.conf or web.xml?  I don't want to change the
links to hardcode the port cause we only use 8080/8443 in development
(in production with 80/443 it works ok as the ports aren't included in
the url)


I have this in my resin.conf

<http server-id="" host="*" port="8080"/>
<http port="8443">

and this in my web.xml

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