On Nov 2, 2006, at 7:34 AM, Leland, Robert wrote:

>/ In our three machine cluster the load distribution is:
/>/ server 1 is handling about 50% (Dell 2850)
/>/ Server 2 is handling about 25% (Dell 2650)
/>/ Server 3 is handling about 25% (Dell 2650)
/>/ DNS is pointing to Server 1 & Server 2, in a round robin fashion.
/>/ Is the uneven distribution because resin is detecting that server 1 is
/>/ more powerful ?

Currently, Resin distributes a new connection to the server with the  
least number of active connections.  (With 3.1, we might add a CPU  
usage component to that cost calculation.)

If one server is faster, it will complete connections faster and  
therefore be ready for a new connection before the other servers.   
So, if that server is twice as fast at completing connections, it  
should get twice the number of connections.

-- Scott

I'm experiencing this as well with the latest resin pro snapshot and 

I have 4 identical machines and the first server (index="1") in line gets 
double amount of requests compared to the rest, bogging the machine down. 
Interestingly if I bring the first server down the remaining 3 nodes will
balance just perfectly.

I've used the same machines with the same ordering with Resin2 and it's 
without this problem for quite some time. Apache 2.0.46 with both cases.


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