Dear Scott,

Is there anyway that the "client-weight" can be used with Apache?
I'm using 3.0.29 professional.

I checked the caucho site and i the only thing i can find that is most relevant to my needs is this:

but it does not allow me to configure the weight.

please advice.

Scott Ferguson wrote:
On Nov 6, 2006, at 9:33 AM, Sam wrote:

How can i configure one server to serve more than the other?
Since 3.0.20, there is a "client-weight" option for each srun. For  
eaxample, the following causes
server a to get used twice as much as server b:

  <srun id="a" host="" port="6802" client-weight="2"/>
  <srun id="b" host="" port="6802" client-weight="1"/>

For 3.1 and later, it is called "load-balance-weight":

  <server id="app-a" host="" port="6802" load-balance- 
  <server id="app-b" host="" port="6802" load-balance- 

True, but it's only available using Resin as a load balancer, not  

-- Scott

-- Sam

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