At least in resin 2.1,  it appears that when one does an include  
using RequestDispatcher.include(), the included data is piped through  
the responses outputStream and not it's writer - thus the included  
data is not encoded as per the java spec for response.getOutputStream 
(). Because of this, all of our text comes out as UTF-8 and non-ascii  
characters won't show up unless we force charset=UTF-8 in the  
response header.

I was hoping if someone knew if the .include() is suppose to use the  
responses outputstream and not the writer or is this a bug with  
resin?? If not, how does one get encoded data out from an include??  
i.e. we want ISO-8859-1 encoded data to come out but I can only do  
that if i write data out via the responses writer (as per spec).


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