Hi Akila,
I can also tell from our experience, like Keith's, that Resin has a very 
fast response time. We use Apache 2.x as the frontend, combined with 
Resin-Pro 3.0.21 & Sun JDK 1.5 & Redhat Enterprise. During peak times, 
we have a load of about 40-50 page requests per second, and Resin 
handles this load. When the traffic is not that high, even through WAN, 
the pages are served in less than 1 sec.
The same is true for Resin without mod_caucho - we can tell that because 
our servers are accessible with and without Apache the whole time.

If hardware does not seem to be the problem (enought RAM, new etc.), 
chances are very high that it's your app, so what I would advice you is 
to get a profiler like JProfiler and monitor your app. You will 
definitely find clues to your performance problems that way.


Akila Amarathunga wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> Are you running Resin with apache ? cos I hooked up with apache and did
> some fine tuning in it... and now it seems serve up pages bit fast.
> Anyway I use open source version and i think there might be more
> features on professional one.
> Thanks,
> Akila
> On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 09:10 -0800, Keith Fetterman wrote:
>> Akila,
>> We have been using Resin for the past five years to serve up the 
>> Go2marine boat parts store ( http://www.go2marine.com ), and we have 
>> always found it to have a very fast page response time.  We are 
>> currently running Resin Professional 3.0.19 in production. We are using 
>> Sun's 1.5.0_09 JDK. The OS is Red Hat Enterprise 3 ES.  The database is 
>> Oracle 9i, which runs on a separate server.
>> When we refactored the software to use Struts and Tiles last spring, I 
>> was concerned that it might impact performance because of all of the 
>> internal HTTP requests for the tiles.  No worries.  I was delighted with 
>> how fast the site ran.
>> The times that we have run into problems with page response time is when 
>> the server becomes heavily loaded in production.  These problems were 
>> corrected by tuning memory, increasing threads, or increasing the 
>> maximum sessions.
>> Keith
>> Akila Amarathunga wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm quiet new to Resin... At the moment I'm testing with Resin one of
>>> our application but I find it takes some time to deliver pages. i use
>>> resin 3.0.21 as standalone with jdk 1.5 and mysql on RH linux.
>>> I really appreciate if any one could tell me on what Resin deliver speed
>>> depend on...
>>> Thanks,
>>> Akila
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