On Dec 8, 2006, at 00:10 , sksamuel wrote:

> Here is an interesting one,
> If I package my application up as a JAR and put it in WEB-INF/lib  
> then I get
> memory leaks in the perm gen space as none of the Class objects are  
> garbage
> collected. This is easily re-producable every time. If however I  
> put the
> application's .class files inside WEB-INF/class and don't bother  
> with the
> JAR then it will work fine, no memory leaks, runs forever.
> Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or if there is some subtle issue  
> with
> classloaders here that I don't understand ?

If what you describe is really happening, it's gotta be nominated for  
the Bizzaro Bug of the Month or something. :-)

You're sure the perm space is being exhausted? Are you using -XX: 
+PrintGCDetails or something similar to see the results of gc's on  
the perm space?

Also, very important, what environment are you running? Versions of  
OS, Resin, Java?


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