Do you mean simply having a "web application" as a place where you deploy
your EJBs that are then accessed from other web applications? Or do you
mean simply not packaging your web application as an .ear/.war file and
still have your EJBs deployed?

For the latter case, I don't use .war/.ear files for deployment and I don't
remember this being a problem when I used to use EJB with Resin. For the
first... the only problem I could think of would be if your application was
not set up to start automatically when the server starts, as it could be
waiting for the first "web access" to start the web context. I'm not sure
if an EJB call would have the same effect, I don't think so.

In any case, one of the first hurdles when deploying EJB is "actually
finding" them in the JNDI tree, so it might be a problem of simply not
looking under a wrong name. I used to have a test.jsp page that simply
crawled the JNDI tree, it was useful to debug such kind of problems as JNDI
does not answer you "you almost got it!", so an extra 'jdb/', 'ejb' in your
lookup name could be simply your problem. I don't have it here at the
moment, but it is quite simple to create such a page, simply to crawl the
JNDI tree.

Good luck!

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> Hi there,
> is it possible to create EJBs packaged in a JAR file and have them
> available without creating a WAR file and a servlet to access them?
> Are there any examples on this?
> I see in the server logfile that my EJBs are compiled, but I get a
> NamingException when trying to access the from JNDI (from local scope,
> e.g. packaged in an EAR file).
> Thanks in advance
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