On Dec 8, 2006, at 8:56 AM, Rob Lockstone wrote:

> Environment: Windows 2003 Server, Resin Pro 3.0.21, OpenSSL 0.9.8b,  
> Java 1.4.2_12
> More information on what caused the JVM/Resin to spontaneously  
> reboot. I get these fairly often (multiple times per month).  
> They're not always the same exact thing. Often the stack trace  
> references one of the SSL DLL's, but other times, like this one, it  
> references the JVM DLL.
> In any event, since the "Java frames" section references some  
> Caucho JNI calls, I'm sending this in. Scott, let me know if you  
> want an official bug filed.

That would be great.

> I'm attaching two files to this email since the emailer likes to  
> reformat stuff into unreadable chunks. One is the weird  
> SSL_UNDEFINED_FUNCTION error I have never seen before and reported  
> a few minutes. The other is the top portion of the JVM crash log  
> where the jvm.dll was the source of the crash and Caucho JNI  
> routines are being called.
> Btw, whenever the crash log mentions an SLL DLL as the source of  
> the crash, the "Java frames" section is always something along  
> these lines:
> Java frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code)
> j  com.caucho.vfs.JniStream.readNative(J[BII)I+0
> j  com.caucho.vfs.JniStream.read([BII)I+43
> j  com.caucho.vfs.ReadStream.readBuffer()Z+53
> j  com.caucho.vfs.ReadStream.waitForRead()Z+12
> j  com.caucho.server.port.TcpConnection.run()V+181
> j  com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.runTasks()V+187
> j  com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.run()V+85
> j  java.lang.Thread.run()V+11
> v  ~StubRoutines::call_stub
> Which is similar to the attached JVM DLL crash. What's up with  
> com.caucho.vfs.JniStream.readNative ?

readNative itself should be solid.  We've run it for days under very  
heavy load (CPU load around 40 on multi-cpu systems) with no issues.

But there has been less time stressing openssl, so there might be  
something odd there.

-- Scott

> Rob
> <jvmDLLCrash.log>
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