Try out the latest snapshot, if you have an environment in which you can 
test this. It should turn into a 3.0.23 release very soon, and has a fix 
for chunked encoding with cached responses. (i.e. it shouldn't be 
setting the header for chunked encoding.) 3.0.22 also contained some 
plugin and chunked encoding fixes, but the static file behavior you're 
seeing is because of the header issue that's fixed in the snaphot.

Please report anything else you do see with the current snapshot so that 
any fix that might arise from it can be include in .23.

Hope that helps,

Matt Pangaro
Lokitech >> software . strategy . design
m. 1.301.728.6906
f. 1.815.364.0656

Leland, Robert wrote:
> On about 50% of our machines using IE 6.0 is not reloading
> JavaScript/Image files.
> We are running HTTPS/SSL over IIS 6.0 SP2.
> (IE loads the file the first time but when IE Checks to see if the files
> in its cache are up to date
> I believe the reload fails)
> When we switched to the 3.0.18 version of the ISAPI DLL,
>   and used either 3.0.21 or 3.0.22 PRO core the application works like a
> champ !

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