> Date: Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 08:42:35PM -0600
> Subject: [Resin-interest] need help w. 405 server error msg.
> I need some help/assistance from someone concerning always getting a 405 
> server error message everytime that I have tried to view a servlet with an 
> image in it! Here is my code for the servlet :
>                            //package test;
> ...
>   <servlet servlet-name="hello"
>            servlet-class="HelloServlet"/>

All java classes have to be in a package.
So the HelloServlet source code should be in a file:


and should start with a line:

package test;

and the web.xml configuration should include the package in the class

   <servlet servlet-name="hello" servlet-class="test.HelloServlet"/>

-- Sam

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