>>> We also refactored Quercus in a major way for 3.1.0, so that's almost
>>> certainly what you're running into.  We should be able to split out
>>> the interpreted half of Quercus as a standalone web-app (i.e. non-
>>> Resin), so we can have non-Resin users working on Quercus too.
>> that is great news. Are there any standalone builds available?
>> Or if there is no build available, how to create a standalone build?
>> What is need for quercus standalone?
> It hasn't been tested yet, so I'm not sure it's quite ready.
> The two jars are resin-util.jar and quercus.jar.  So you can copy  
> them from the resin/lib directory and see if they work :).
> We'll be repackaging it as a .war download (and creating a  
> quercus.caucho.com).
How does the configuration of the Quercus Servlet work if using in
I need to set a database (giving a JNDI path) to Quercus.

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