On Jan 3, 2007, at 4:55 PM, Bernard Bernstein wrote:

> <rewrite-dispatch>
>    <forward
>      regexp="/here/.*/([0-9]+)\??(.*)"
>      target="/there.jsp?id=$1&amp;$2"
>    />
> </rewrite-dispatch>

>  or
> what seems more likely, the query-string is parsed out and not
> available from that variable.

I have some more evidence that it is the query-string that is  
disappearing. I tried this regexp:


And the target still didn't insert anything for $2 when there was a ?  
after the number, but if I entered any other chars after the number,  
they were passed through to $2:

forwards to ->

forwards to ->

So, nothing shows up in the substitution buffer when there is a query- 
string, but does otherwise.


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