>> How does the configuration of the Quercus Servlet work if using in
>> standalone?
>> I need to set a database (giving a JNDI path) to Quercus.
> Hmm.  It looks like we'll need to add <init-param> equivalents to  
> QuercusServlet.
Thats exactly what I was thinking about.
Should I add the compiler and database configuration to the
QuercusServlet#init method and submit a patch?
The configuration should be optional, since the default should stay with
the resin way.

> If you're using mysql, the mysql PHP interface should know about the  
> mysql driver and use it automatically.
Parts of the application do, but the configuration fails with the following:
Can't find database for driver
'com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource' and url

> Also, if you're using PDO, you can use new PDO("java:comp/env/jdbc/ 
> test") to get a JDBC driver from JNDI.
No, we don't use PDO, since it's an old application which we are porting
slowly to java. Therefore Quercus is of great value for us.

Thanks for your help
Markus Wolf
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