Your question is so general, it is easy to assume you have not read 
the documentation yet, or do not know the basic concepts about 
web/J2EE servers.
(Re-)Read the documentation. Try the out-of-the-box settings. Try a 
static HTML page. If your still having trouble, try to be more 
specific. (For example, include your operating system, what you have 
tried etc).

At 2007-01-05 22:19, Steve Burrus wrote:
>well I guess that I must really/truly want a response from someone with this
>group to my problem about seeing a php file with the resin server thus this
>is my third time now that I have posted this problem! I am having extreme
>difficulty in trying to do this for a while now. and aLSO how do I see an
>img. with resin??

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