> >1. I start server A and login to my application

At this point, A will get your request and will become your primary
server, and B will be your secondary server.

> >2. I stop Server A and start Server B
> >3. I continue to work in the browser, my session stays intact and i 
> >can proceed normally

At this point, you are using secondary server B.  Your session updates
are saved on B.

> >4. I logout from my application and logout successfully cleared my 
> >session variables (notice this from app log)
> >5. I stop Server B and start Server A

> >6. I try to type a password protected page in the browser and i *CAN 
> >ACCESS* the protected page

At this point, A (the primary) will contact B to try to get any updates
to the session that have been made.  Since B is down, A cannot get the
session from it.  So it has to go with the outdated session that it
has, because it cannot get the updated session from B.

-- Sam

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