At least with 3.0, just uncomment this from resin.conf
<servlet servlet-name="directory" servlet-class="com.caucho.servlets.DirectoryServlet"/>

At 2007-01-10 21:53, Lucas Pereira wrote:
Hi all,

I'm currently using Resin-3.1.0 as a standalone web server, and my question is how to deny the listing of the directorys that i am using. For instance, i have a php folder, wich contains all my .php files) inside the webapps folder, and when i browse for <http://localhost:8080/php>http://localhost:8080/php i get the list of all my php files, and that also for other folders, like images. I've tried to use the .htaccess inside the folders but no success (since i don't no if i'm supose to use that of is the content of the file is correct.

<Directory /php>
AllowOverride None
Deny From All


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