I'm on a dedicated RH Linux server which has been preconfigured with 
Plesk and a few PHP apps. I installed resin and changed Apache to use 
mod_caucho. All was fine until I upgraded to resin 3.1, using the 
default config resin and my webapps were fine, but all the existing PHP 
stuff broke - all *.php files were directed to resin. So, I changed 
resins config to basically tell it not to serve PHP, I think I just 
needed to comment 2 lines in the end. But resin serving PHP is too 
useful to ignore, so I'd like to keep this setup but reactivate resins 
PHP for some specific web apps. For instance, how would I add a new web 
app, install Drupal into it and with my setup activate resins PHP 
handler please?

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