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it is not that hard to compile Quercus from sources. You only need two
"subprojects" from Resin and not the AS at a whole.
ResinUtil and ResinScript should do it.
You can import the Querceus and requirements as Eclipse Projects and
afterwards create the jar files from the compiled code.
That should do the trick. We have Quercus running in Glassfish and
compiled the version manually, since we need to fix some bugs in the
release we are using which wasn't solved.

Changing the PHP version should be quite simple if you go throught the
sources from the Quercus module which implements php_version().

Good luck
Markus Wolf

> I was wondering if anyone had had any success in compiling Resin from 
> source and altering the version number of the PHP interpreter. The 
> reason I ask is that I am investigating running Moodle 
> <http://www.moodle.org> under Resin and obviously having the PHP 
> requests handled by Quercus, but Moodle only runs with PHP 4.x and 5.1.x 
> and above. I would like to be able to test an install of Moodle and 
> maybe "trick" it into running. I know this would not be a production 
> solution, but it might give a heads-up to speed gains and therefore a 
> possible route for installation/migration in the future.
> I am running Mac OS X Server 10.4.8 and PostgreSQL 8.1.4
> Thanks,
> Mike
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