I've received a request to convert a currently existing mobile
Struts/Tiles-based web application to serve content as MimeMultipart instead
of XHTML. I wrote a ServletFilter that captures all markup in the response,
then parses it to find all the necessary (css and img) files and downloads
them. After that I create a MimeMultipart object, add markup as a parent
part and styles and images as regular MimeBodyPart(s). Then I set
contentType of the response object to be that of the MimeMultipart (ends up
being "multipart/related; boundary xxxxxxx"), write MimeMultipart to it and
close. I developed and tested on my local Tocat installation and everything
worked as expected. When we attempted to deploy the code onto our QA server
that is running Resin, we ran into a problem. The filter executes fine, body
parts are added as expected and the contentType is set correctly to
"multipart/related" (prints fine in the Logs). However, when it gets to the
client, the contentType is overwritten to be "text/html; charset=UTF-8". As
a result, browser tries to interpret the Mutlipart as regular markup writing
out binary data for images, etc. - which is obviously not the desired
At first I thought this could be due to the fact that our jsps/tiles
explicitly and through directives set the contentType
to be "text/html". So I captured the markup from a regular page in the app,
     <%@ page language='java' session='true' contentType='text/html;
  <% response.setContentType("text/html; charset=UTF-8"); %>
to it and saved it as jsp page outside of WEB-INF so that I can hit it
directly. This worked fine on Resin!!! I then created a fake Struts action
mapping (ForwardAction) which forwarded to a fake Tiles definition - which
pointed to the same exact test jsp page (that worked). In this scenario the
problem resurfaced and contentType got overwritten to "text/html".
I started blaming Struts. Struts has a way to set contentType on a
per-module basis, through controller's contentType attribute. I decided to
check if that was the root of my problem, so I've added <controller
contentType="text/plain"/> to my struts configuration hoping to see my
contentType being overwritten to be "text/plain" instead of "text/html".
the contentType header still got overwritten to be text/html.
Trying to think what can possibly be downstream from my filter I became
suspicious of Apache. However, even after disabling
mod_mime, the problem persisted!

At this point I don't know what to think and any help would be greatly

Thanks in advance!!!
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