Hi folks,

I'm walking my way through the "Java Interface" section of the Resin 3.1 
docu and encountered the a problem getting static classes
as stated in the docu this code sequence. Putting the following in a 
java.php file


  $a = java("java.lang.System");

  echo $a->nanoTime();


give me this error message:
"...resin/resin-3.1.0/webapps/ROOT/java.php:3: Fatal Error: null: 
'nanoTime' is an unknown method."
I tryied other methods of System with the same result.

However, the next statements in a java2.php file concerning instantiated 
objects succeeded.


  $a = new java("java.util.Date", 123);

  echo $a->nanoTime();  // btw should be $a->getTime() since date doesn't have 
a method "nanoTime()"


Any clue?

Best Regards,
Khayrat Glende


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