Hi all

We are using resin 3.0.18 professional in a clustered environment with two nodes. Our problem is the back up of sessions. It seems that the sessions are only distributed when the node starts or is cleanly shutdown (with ./http stop) and not in between. So if one node gets killed its sessions are lost.

The resin.conf looks like the following:
   <server bind-ports-after-start="true">
         <srun server-id="bridge2" host="bridge2" port="6802"/>
         <srun server-id="apc1163" host="apc1163" port="6802"/>

      <persistent-store type="cluster">
         <init path="/tmp/resin-sessions"/>

      <host id="" root-directory=".">
         <web-app id="/" document-directory="/website">

Any quick response would be greatly appreciated.

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