Thanks for your answer, Markus.

Yes we use apache + mod_caucho. I just installed resin
with apache and didn't change any mod_caucho configuration.

Excerpt from resin.conf:

      <srun server-id="" host="" port="6802"/>

And from httpd.conf:

    # mod_caucho Resin Configuration

    LoadModule caucho_module /usr/local/apache2/modules/

    ResinConfigServer localhost 6802
    CauchoConfigCacheDirectory /tmp
    CauchoStatus yes

The resin.conf says '' and
the httpd.conf 'localhost'. Just to do something
I changed to localhost in the resin.conf,
although it shouldn't make a difference.


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this server.

> "The requested URL /jsp/xslt.jsp was not found on this server. "
Are you using apache + mod_caucho? If so, maybe you could post the 
configuration of httpd.conf since I remember ruuning into this while 
configuring mod_caucho some time ago.


MORAWETZ Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> Every now and then we see the message
> "The requested URL /jsp/xslt.jsp was not found on this server. " in 
> the browser-window. After hitting the reload-button a few times the 
> page gets served as expected, While thats no big deal in our 
> development environment we would really have a problem if it happens 
> on our production server.
> We're evaluating resin 3.0.21
> Any ideas what might be the reason for this?
> Thanks,
> Martin
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