This problem has been baffling me for weeks now. We are running resin  
(somewhat older 3.0.14 release) and I'm seeing something strange.

Much  of  our application's interface is implemented in JSP 2.0 *.tag  files. 
As part of our build process (using ant), we auto-generate a *.jsp file which 
is a simple wrapper around a main tag file, which itself  embeds  many  other 
*.tag files underneath it. 

Normally, in our  development  environment, any change in the underlying tag
files  are detected by resin, which will then recompile the tag
and redeploy just the tag files that changed and its 'parent' tags.

The problem is that for ONE specific wrapper tag, changes in tags underneath it 
are never seen by resin and does not trigger a recompile. Our only workaround 
so far has been to:

1) Stop the resin server
2) Rebuild the entire web app, including the auto-generated wrapper JSPs
3) Copy the entire web app's directory structure to the resin webapps directory
4) Restart the resin server

This causes resin to have to *recompile* all the tag and jsp files which can be 
very time consuming (it takes as long as 30 minutes).

What I don't understand is why for EVERY auto-generated wrapper JSP except this 
one, resin does not detect that a dependent tag file has been changed.

I've made sure that resin.conf file has the proper settings (<jsp 
auto-compile="true" ... etc >). 

Another oddity is that this problem only started happening fairly recently. 
Nothing in the development environment has changed.

Can anyone shed some light as to why this might possibly be happening?


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