On Feb 2, 2007, at 3:21 PM, Gerry Panganiban wrote:

> This problem has been baffling me for weeks now. We are running  
> resin  (somewhat older 3.0.14 release) and I'm seeing something  
> strange.
> Much  of  our application's interface is implemented in JSP 2.0  
> *.tag  files. As part of our build process (using ant), we auto- 
> generate a *.jsp file which is a simple wrapper around a main tag  
> file, which itself  embeds  many  other *.tag files underneath it.
> Normally, in our  development  environment, any change in the  
> underlying tag
> files  are detected by resin, which will then recompile the tag
> and redeploy just the tag files that changed and its 'parent' tags.

Can you look at the generated *.java class for the JSP file?  It  
should list the dependencies, which may give an idea why that  
dependency isn't being detected.

-- Scott

> The problem is that for ONE specific wrapper tag, changes in tags  
> underneath it are never seen by resin and does not trigger a  
> recompile. Our only workaround so far has been to:
> 1) Stop the resin server
> 2) Rebuild the entire web app, including the auto-generated wrapper  
> JSPs
> 3) Copy the entire web app's directory structure to the resin  
> webapps directory
> 4) Restart the resin server
> This causes resin to have to *recompile* all the tag and jsp files  
> which can be very time consuming (it takes as long as 30 minutes).
> What I don't understand is why for EVERY auto-generated wrapper JSP  
> except this one, resin does not detect that a dependent tag file  
> has been changed.
> I've made sure that resin.conf file has the proper settings (<jsp  
> auto-compile="true" ... etc >).
> Another oddity is that this problem only started happening fairly  
> recently. Nothing in the development environment has changed.
> Can anyone shed some light as to why this might possibly be happening?
> Thanks!
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