Yes. I initially thought the problem was due to some odd clock-skew  
between the local machine and the NFS server the files (and resin)  
resided on. This was one of the first things I checked.

The timestamps on the generated JSP files are correct. They are  
updated along with the tag files when the ant build script copies the  
entire application to the resin webapp directory.


On Feb 6, 2007, at 11:19 PM, Sandeep Raja Rao wrote:

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>> Ok. After more investigation I've found a couple of things.
>> First, I've found that there is a workaround that (sometimes) seems
>> to help. If I force our ant build script to regenerate the jsp
>> wrapper files, it will *sometimes* push the webapp into a state where
> Did you check the time stamp of the JSP files the ant build scripts
> generate?
> Check for "DATE" and "TIME" and compare with the .java files  
> generated.
> Sandeep
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