During a redeployment, there is certainly a period of downtime. In my
testing, while the application archive is being uploaded and expanded a user
will receive error code 500 java stack traces when trying to access that
virtual host or web app.

My question is this: how are you guys handling redeployment downtimes and
500 errors?

A simple downtime.html page will do, but how would I set that globally -
meaning outside any virtual host and web app? Obviously any error-page set
inside a virtual host or web app will not work. My resin.conf is very

   <http server-id="" host="*" port="6700"/>
   <host-deploy host-name="www.${host.name}" path="/srv/www/resin">
           <web-app id="/" document-directory="."/>

Thanks for any advice - I've been trying to solve this for days,
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