I currently have a web server running various websites (Apache 1.3.X),
including PHP ones and Java ones (I use Apache as a front-end to a
Tomcat backend). I'm trying to change that in order to use Resin as
the web server bound to port 80.

I'm having too many problems with Quercus in order to run some
Wordpress and Dotclear (http://www.dotclear.net) websites, so I
intended to use instead the HttpProxyServlet servlet on the PHP
websites, delegating to the old Apache server bound to another port,
say 10080.

Although the setup works fine, I'm having issues with character
encoding. The websites are sending UTF-8 content and works fine, but
when reading the content of those websites as given by the
HttpProxyServlet, I'm experiencing problems with accents. Is is a
known issue? I can't find any parameter on this servlet in order to
specify the encoding to use for both input and output (this would be a
nice addition so that we could allow conversion).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Kalixia, SARL.

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