And Mattias Jiderhamn tried to help you:

   "Your question is so general, it is easy to assume you have not read
   the documentation yet, or do not know the basic concepts about
   web/J2EE servers.
   (Re-)Read the documentation. Try the out-of-the-box settings. Try a
   static HTML page. If your still having trouble, try to be more
   specific. (For example, include your operating system, what you have
   tried etc)."

Did you do any of this?


Steve Burrus wrote:
I tried/attempted a long time ago to get someone to respond to me concerning getting a php file viewed in my web browser with the resin server. I have put the php file into the main installation folder of resin, the "httpdocs" folder, but I still was not able to view it. PleaSE help me with this.

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