just add a new folder into webapps folder...

inside folder web-inf (created automaticaly in your new folder) place a xml file called web.xml with the following on it

<web-app xmlns="http://caucho.com/ns/resin">
  <servlet-mapping url-pattern="*.php"
after this, create any .php script (well, not any, for instance, i'm not being
able to run amfphp under resin) and place it into the root of your new folder!
I guess this is what your seeking, and has quoted by Knut Forkalsrud  this is all very well 
documented in caucho website
Hope this helps

From:  Knut Forkalsrud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Reply-To:  General Discussion for the Resin application server<resin-interest@caucho.com>
To:  General Discussion for the Resin application server<resin-interest@caucho.com>
Subject:  Re: [Resin-interest] php and resin.
Date:  Sun, 18 Feb 2007 14:12:59 -0800
>This is relatively well described in the documentation, specifically the
>"Quick Start" guide:
>http://www.caucho.com/resin-3.1/doc/starting.xtp#Adding Content
>Does that help?
>Steve Burrus wrote:
> > well however much this helps. my os platform is windows xp professional. and
> > i just simply wanna know which of the folders in the whole resin server
> > installation I should be putting the php file into to be able to then see it
> > in my web  browser.
> >
> >
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