Fellow Resin Users

We've been using resin for many years now.  Currently we use Resin 3.0.21
on windows XP.

We've been having a strange issue with certain windows development boxes. 
Basically, we start resin and the initial signs are good.  The server
process does not crash and it even seems to recognize the correct
server-root and resin-home variables, but although the sever is live it is
totatlly unresponsive...

1.) Resin is listening on port 80 (as specified in our
$SERVER_ROOT/conf/resin.conf) but all of the pages request get a 0 byte
response (not a 500 or page or page not fond).
2.) None of our application logs are written. And the only resin logs that
get written are stderr.log upon closing of the server... the log is
written to the correct directory as specified in
3.) resin-status gives a 0 byte response.
4.) The process does not seem to be hanging

Anyway, thanks for any help.


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