I'm having an issue with Resin at the moment, hoped someone here  
could help out:

I've got SVN via mod_dav_svn running on the same box as resin, and  
I'm using mod_caucho to serve requests for java web applications.   
The problem is, that for one of my domains, which hosts the svn repo,  
Resin is grabbing hold of the .jsp files when browsing via HTTP under  
SVN, causing files to look like they aren't there, but really its  
just resin playing games with my URL's :(

I've tried

<servlet-mapping url-pattern='*.jsp'

just for that domain in Resin, but it doesn't seem to help.  The only  
thing that works thus far, is commenting out the resin integration  
with Apache (obviously not optimal in this case).

Any ideas?

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