Not the answer you are looking for, but I simply start Eclipse & Resin 
separately :). IDE's are already heavy enough and given the simplicity 
of configuring a context in resin (one line in res.conf unless you need 
something special) and starting the container, I don't find it really a 

Having the IDE do the war-creation, put the classes and libs in the 
classpath... process for you before starting the container is also not a 
reason for us, as we explicitely prefer the developers to know how to do 
that themselves... and we actually do it with Ant to be IDE-independent.

We create the .project structure so it points to our build directories 
through virtual links (so the built artifacts do not end up in the 
"source" directory) and with that and calling Ant from inside Eclipse, 
it's enough for us.

But the real answer would be no, AFAIK there's no current Resin plugin 
for Eclipse, or NB, at least that I know of.


Bjørn Hanch Sollie escribió:
> What is currently the best option for deploying projects to Resin from 
> Eclipse? I've come across a couple of plugins out there, but they were 
> both quite old solutions which didn't work satisfactory for me. Can 
> anyone here provide me with a hint about their preferred solution?

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