One option is to use MyEclipse:

They provide support for many Servlet containers include Resin 2 & 3. 
Using it, I have launched resin from inside Eclipse.  With the recent 
versions of resin 3.0.x, I have run into a problem launching resin 
straight out of the box.  It usually complains that it can't a class or 
two.  I then dig through the Resin jars in $RESIN_HOME/lib to find which 
jar contains the classes and then manually specify them in the classpath 
for the resin 3 connector.

I generally don't run resin inside of eclipse.  I prefer to run it 
externally and then deploy my Web apps to it.  I prefer this because the 
environment is closer to my production environment and thus easier to 
catch potential problems.

If I just want to try things or develop code not related to our 
production Website, then I generally run resin from inside eclipse and 
deploy to it.

Hope this helps.


Bjørn Hanch Sollie wrote:
> What is currently the best option for deploying projects to Resin from 
> Eclipse? I've come across a couple of plugins out there, but they were 
> both quite old solutions which didn't work satisfactory for me. Can 
> anyone here provide me with a hint about their preferred solution?
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