Every JVM that you start will run the scheduled job, whether you have 1 
instance, 2 instances, or 20 instances.  There is no inter-JVM 
communication to assign responsibility.

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Mirko Herzog wrote:
> Dear all
> We are using Resin 3.0.21 at the moment on a Windows 2003 box. We have 
> two services installed, ResinA as main service, ResinB configured as a 
> backup. Recently, we started using the run-at configuration for a job to 
> be executed every night. Unofrtunately, the job always gets executed 
> twice, resulting in performance and other various problems. Stopping the 
> ResinB service resolves this issue, but is understandably not a 
> permanent solution.
> We then switched to CronResources, but the problem still exists. Every 
> job  specified gets executed twice.
> Was there a bugfix in one of the newer versions regarding this issue or 
> do we have a false understanding of how this feature is supposed to work?
> Best Regards
> Mirko Herzog

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