Quartz (http://www.opensymphony.com/quartz/) is a widely used open 
source scheduler that has much richer functionality.  It includes a JDBC 
scheduler so that a cluster of servers can know which one is running a 
given cron job.

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Mirko Herzog wrote:
> Hi 
> Thanks for your answer. This sounds very logical and it's quite a shame we
> didn't figure that out ourselves. So one way to go could be writing a
> lockfile that gets checked by every JVM to see if it is allowed to run the
> job?
> Ore are there more elegant solutions?
> Thanks for every input
> Regards
> Mirko
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> Every JVM that you start will run the scheduled job, whether you have 1 
> instance, 2 instances, or 20 instances.  There is no inter-JVM 
> communication to assign responsibility.

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