I informed lots of people about Quercus and feedback was from "wtf?" to 
"that's what I waited for a long time".

The problem why a lot of people notice but don't use it, is simple:

most PHP users don't want the hassle of setting up a complete enterprise 
architecture just to get their scripts work.

You know that this is not true, but moste people think it is 
(Resin-Quercus is a lot easier set and started up than Xampp & Co.).

So why not start a community around Resin-Quercus that focuses the 
following topics:

 - Making the most common php-based applications 100% work (e.q. Joomla! 
is on the first sight but isn't at all)
 - Making the most used Pear scripts work with Quercus
 - Patching still buggy built-in functions and ship them in a serperate 
contribution (it is possible to patch them without touching the core 
Quercus code)
 - Providing community specific resources like how-tos, forums, etc.

All these tasks can't be managed by the Resin-Guys alone, since they 
need (I believe) all their time for concentrating on Resin development.

If you are interested in building such a community, please contact me.


Ahmed Mohombe schrieb:
> Hi,
> Quercus is a fantastic piece of software.
> Now since it is application server independent, it's even cooler :).
> I'm puzzeled that it has such a small echo and other very "unimportant" tech
> buzz things get much more attention (e.g. the entire jruby buzz).
> Maybe you (as authors) could mention it on 
> dzone.com
> Therserverside.com
> InfoQ.com
> etc?
> Now that it can be run on any application server, IMHO people should know
> about it!
> Also considering the many PHP security problems that Quercus simple doesn't
> have, it would be nice
> to inform those PHP communities too about the availability of a secure PHP
> alternative.
> Thank you very much for this nice software,
> Ahmed.

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