TheMuffinMan wrote:
> I informed lots of people about Quercus and feedback was from "wtf?" to 
> "that's what I waited for a long time".
Very interesting. So everybody is happy and it's very cool when some RoR
"Hello World" works somehow, but when classical and very used
webapplications (by millions of users) run faster, better and more secure,
nobody is impressed.

TheMuffinMan wrote:
> The problem why a lot of people notice but don't use it, is simple:
> most PHP users don't want the hassle of setting up a complete enterprise 
> architecture just to get their scripts work.
> You know that this is not true, but moste people think it is 
> (Resin-Quercus is a lot easier set and started up than Xampp & Co.).
Of course is simpler. Even with Tomcat - just download, unpack and ready. It
works even better without Apache in front of it (since connectors and stuff
are always a PITA).

Maybe some short screencast would be the alternative, to show the people
that it's much simpler and faster,
and than post it as an anwer to all that have problems and ask for help with
setting up Apache + phpCGI.

TheMuffinMan wrote:
> So why not start a community around Resin-Quercus that focuses the 
> following topics:
>  - Making the most common php-based applications 100% work (e.q. Joomla! 
> is on the first sight but isn't at all)
>  - Making the most used Pear scripts work with Quercus
>  - Patching still buggy built-in functions and ship them in a serperate 
> contribution (it is possible to patch them without touching the core 
> Quercus code)
>  - Providing community specific resources like how-tos, forums, etc.
This sounds good, but I'm not sure at what degree is the Resin team
interested in a community since maybe they want to sell this as consulting
(just guessing).
If it's not a problem than it would be very nice. 

For the begining it would be even great to have just a place to "report"
where do people use Quercus, how do they use it and what tricks were
required to make it work.


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