Ahmed Mohombe:
> Also let's not forget that most of the PHP development takes place on
> Windows machines, where making things work (e.g. with IIS) is even more
> error prone.
> So for all these people, just downloading an application server, unpacking
> and starting it is much simpler and secure above all.
The problem is that Windows users normally don't have a JDK installed.

> David Campbell wrote:
>> Why Caucho decided to have php support in their webserver rather than 
>> fix the bugs in the Servlet container is something that confuses my and 
>> my colleagues almost daily.
> The one has nothing to do with the other.
> PHP support is webserver independent so it does not exclude the other.
If you are watching TV instead of cleaning the house or mowing the lawn,
does your spouse agree with you that "The one has nothing to do with the
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