It works partly and you must invoke it using bin/ start. The
"start" is important because the watchdog manager won't start otherwise
and that is what handles the user switching.

Here is the response Scott Ferguson gave me regarding this at that time.

Are you using "bin/ start" or just bin/

There's a tricky issue with the JDK and dynamic libraries and
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The LD_LIBRARY_PATH needs to be set before loading any
JNI code.  The Watchdog JDK process is responsible for setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but the watchdog can't set it for itself just a child

Since bin/ start spawns a child process, you get the right JNI
loading.  Also, since Resin is always spawned the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set
properly.  But, bin/ with no "start" is the watchdog process, so
it doesn't have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.

The problem is that the watchdog is responsible for validation of
user-name, i.e. we want to give an error message early if there's a

That might be what you're running into.  We need to improve that
validation, but it's a bit complicated to get right.

-- Scott

I said partly because I couldn't get the SSL binding to work. 

user-name: root  port: 80     ok
user-name: root  port: 443    ok
user-name: web   port: 80     ok
user-name: web   port: 443    error


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Kuntz, Tim wrote:
> Mike,
> You can only do this if you are running Resin Pro with a valid
> This also only works if you start Resin with watchdog as it changes
> users.

Are you saying that this is now fixed?  Does it work when invoking resin



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