> Running apt-get install libapache-mod-php5 is a lot easier than running 
> Resin for 99.99% of people in my experience.

We are planning on creating a debian package after the 3.1.1 release.
With the decision to package the Sun JDK as a debian package that should
work fairly well.

> Why Caucho decided to have php support in their webserver rather than 
> fix the bugs in the Servlet container is something that confuses my and 
> my colleagues almost daily.

We did consider that, and we hired more engineers to make sure that
Quercus development would not impact the time and effort we had to apply
to Resin.  We actually have more resources working on Servlet/JSP/Java
EE than we did at the time Quercus development was started.

We are still looking to hire more people:

For bug fixes, we follow the bugtracker closely (bugs.caucho.com) and
try to prioritize.  As mentioned in another post, it is helpful if there
is a reproducable test case.

Customers who sign up for platinum support almost always have bug fixes
completed for the next release, and often we release an interim snapshot
so that the bug fix can be tested.

-- Sam

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