Ok, but who from Caucho would allow e.g. me to try to build a community?
Do I need to be explicitly allowed or can I just go for it?

ps: I mean a typical php-community addressed to end-users that don't 
care about all the fancy app server and java specific stuff.

Sam schrieb:
>>> So why not start a community around Resin-Quercus that focuses the
>>> following topics:
>>>  - Making the most common php-based applications 100% work (e.q.  
>>> Joomla!
>>> is on the first sight but isn't at all)
>>>  - Making the most used Pear scripts work with Quercus
>>>  - Patching still buggy built-in functions and ship them in a  
>>> serperate
>>> contribution (it is possible to patch them without touching the core
>>> Quercus code)
>>>  - Providing community specific resources like how-tos, forums, etc.
>> For the begining it would be even great to have just a place to  
>> "report" where do people use Quercus, how do they use it and what
>> tricks were required to make it work.
> We have a Quercus specific forum recently set up here:
> http://forum.caucho.com/
> I think it is a good idea to build a community as proposed.
> We are currently working through many PHP applications ourselves and
> fixing any issues we encounter.  We also gladly accept patches and we
> can apply those to the source.
> They can be attached to bug reports:
> http://bugs.caucho.com
>> This sounds good, but I'm not sure at what degree is the Resin team
>> interested in a community since maybe they want to sell this as  
>> consulting (just guessing).
> Actually, as a company, we made a deliberate decision not to become a
> consulting company.  Our realization was that if we were a consulting
> company, then the motivation would be to make a product that sold
> consulting work, and that could have a negative impact on the  quality
> of the product.
> We do have partnerships with other companies for situations where  we
> are asked about providing consulting services:
> http://www.caucho.com/sales/services.xtp
> We also have various support options:
> http://caucho.com/sales/sales.xtp
> But again, our focus is not on support as a major offering because  that
> would detract from our focus on making a better product.  Our focus  for
> support is providing help for unusual situations and people who  need to
> know that they can get our advice and help when they need it.  We also
> have some long standing relationships that we have developed through
> support and we find that to be extremely valuable in helping us
> determine how to improve Resin.
> Take care,
> -- Sam
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