We're having sever problems, so any help you have would be great!  I'll take 
you to dinner!


shows two entries for (why two?):
Virtual Host: www.bilooga.com:80
Virtual Host: www.bilooga.com

http://bilooga.com/            <= works
http://www.bilooga.com/    <= does NOT work
http://www.bilooga.com:8080/    <= works

resin config (very simple):
      <web-app id="/" document-directory="webapps/bilooga"/>

apache config (very simple):
<VirtualHost *>
    Servername bilooga.com
    ServerAlias www.bilooga.com
    DocumentRoot /usr/local/resin3/webapps/bilooga

Can anyone tell what is happening?  Resin has loaded the application fine.  
Seems apache is having difficulty connecting to the virtual host.  Conflict 
between the two hosts?  Why are there two hosts?  Why does one virtual host in 
caucho-status show data and other not?

Note that the entries in caucho-status for kingwoodunderground.com (also two of 
them) both have details beneath them.  This site functions fine.


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