I have been trying to set-up Apache as the web  server for resin.  I have tried 
manually and by using the setup.exe program, but cannot get it to work.

I try to launch Apache, it fails to start-up.  Looking at the Event Viewer, I 
see the error message "Syntax error on line 115 of 
C:/tech/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load 
C:/resin-3.0.14/win32/apache-2.0/mod_caucho.dll into server: The specified 
module could not be found."

But the file definitely exists.  Could it be that for some reason it isn't 
recognised as a valid module?

This may be a question for the Apache community, but just in case there is a 
known issue  with this version of mod_caucho.dll, I thought I'd write here.

Details are:  
    Resin 3.0.14
    Apache 2.2.4 on Windows XP.
    mod_caucho.dll is timestamped (last modified) 31 August 2006, 09:17:10
    Entries from httpd.conf (all paths correct):
LoadModule caucho_module "C:/resin-3.0.14/win32/apache-2.0/mod_caucho.dll"
AddModule mod_caucho.c
<IfModule mod_caucho.c>
  ResinConfigServer localhost 6802
  CauchoStatus yes

Any ideas?


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